Gregory Rogalsky(non-registered)
You got some great work on this site. Inspiring.
robert bob lalas
Great work Steve i'm very impress with you work.
wim hazenhoek(non-registered)
awesome site,, love it Steve

Gert Jan(non-registered)
I really enjoyed going through your photographs Steve. I especially love your street photography. You really are an observer of life. Like I am myself (I Think ;-))

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Gert Jan
NGUYEN KY (SUNMAY)(non-registered)
How are you, Steve?
Still following you (but no longer on Nikon Cafe, why?).
Steve Mark(non-registered)
Thanks Very Much Clay!
Clay Benskin(non-registered)
Great site!!!!!!!!
David R Banta(non-registered)
Nice site Steve!
happy birthday steve
Colin Marcano(non-registered)
wonderful inspiring work Steve!
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